Amazing Grace Ministry

Amazing Grace Ministry exists to see the body of Christ revived by making disciples through music. We travel throughout the Midwest performing at concerts, worship services and conferences. We are honored and awed that thousands of people have told us the Holy Spirit moved them through our music and speaking to make first time commitments or commitments to following Jesus. If you would like to have Gospel Ministries perform at a concert you host, or would like to have Gospel Ministries lead worship at your church or conference, check our calendar on the schedule page and contact us.

We have also made several recordings of our music, which can be purchased in the store on this website


The Story of Amazing Grace Ministry


Amazing Grace Ministry can trace it's humble roots back to the early 2,000s at Anytown Gospel Church in Anytown, US. About a dozen of us made up what looked like your typical small church choir/worship team. One Sunday morning, the Lord brought some out of town guests to worship with us. Those guests happened to be organizing an upcoming Christian conference, and had just learned that the group that was scheduled to lead worship had to cancel for personal reasons. God moved through the worship that morning, and led the guests to invite the Anytown Gospel Church worship team to lead worship at the conference.

God's power was again at work in that Christian conference. He moved powerfully through the music, sessions and other events. Many people cited the conference as a life-changing moment, growing their faith and inspiring them to take big steps of faith. After the conference, several of the pastors who participated in the conference, contacted the Anytown Gospel Church worship team and invited them to lead worship and do concerts at their church. The more "doors" the worship team stepped through, the more doors the Lord opened.

By 2008, the invitations had grown to 1 or 2 a month. It was a lot, especially for those with full-time jobs and children. The group realized they were at a crossroads.  Most of the members want to continue to increase their travel schedule as opportunities arose, but several members decided to step back.  New people from beyond Anytown Gospel Church were invited to join the group to replace them. And at this point the group also realized they needed a new name. They have been performing as Gospel Ministries ever since.

The Staff